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Introducing the Fareham Town Football Foundation

09 November 2017

Fareham Town Youth have set up a 'Football Foundation' which is aimed at football beginners between the ages of 6-9 years old.

Youth Section chairman Gavin Bedford said "This is primarily due to the large amount of interest we get at these ages and it is difficult to firstly find space within our own youth teams and also to coach a player who is way behind the rest of the team in terms of ability and experience." "In the short term we can develop these players and start them off on their footballing journey, in the long term we hope to then find a space for them at the club."

Gavin will be leading it with 3 other coaches who are new to the club, big welcome to Ian Mullett, Steve Condie and Steve Baddeley.

"It is important we continue to reach out to the community outside of our own youth teams." "If you know any player who could benefit then please let me know."

The attached and the link below gives more info. Feel free to share!